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How to use content marketing to increase brand awareness

The Content Marketing Institute survey weighs in on the value of content marketing for brands. According to an annual Content Marketing Survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, creating brand awareness is the top goal brands achieve through content marketing. This is followed closely by building credibility/trust and educating their audience. Content marketing, which brings together multiple marketing approaches – such as blogs, email marketing, social media marketing, and more – i

This Cannabis Brand is Leading the Way in California Sustainability

The cannabis industry generates a lot of waste, especially with packaging materials. We need to do better. And there’s a brand we like – both for their products and their practices – that’s setting the example for others. A Golden State was born in Northern California under the watch of the Cascade Mountains. The brand has blossomed into one of the state’s leaders in high quality cannabis flower. They’re not like other cannabis brands A Golden State (AGS) is an innovative, pioneering brand th

Why Your SEO Will Fall Flat without Attention to UX and Conversion

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies should be constantly evolving. To run with an effective SEO strategy, you need to remain updated on what’s happening in the industry and think of ways that your brand can adapt. Your strategy should shift based on the ways that search engines like Google evaluate the websites that they serve in search results. You need to be on the front page of those results for your most coveted keyword phrases, and ideally in the top three spots for best visibility

Joint Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options

Many things could be the source of pain in your joints. Whether caused by a single factor or several, chronic joint pain can be difficult to cope with. Your symptoms, area of discomfort, and health history can help your doctor correctly diagnose and treat your joint pain. In this article, I’ll cover common causes of joint pain, how your doctor may diagnose them, and available treatments. Joint pain is discomfort or inflammation in any of your joints. The pain may be persistent, or it may com

Top Social Media Management Tools For 2022

To make things easier for you, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive list of the top social media management tools in the business. We’ve selected the best tools from a variety of categories, and depending on the scope of your business, you might want to consider investing in more than one. Here’s everything you should know about the top social media management tools: Lead generation tools are used to direct web traffic to your business’ website and to collect user information to turn them i

Why Company Culture is a Competitive Advantage

Company culture has almost become synonymous with perks such as free food or beer on tap thanks to the rise of hip startups and co-working spaces run by a generation of eager disruptors and innovators. Under mantras such as “work hard, play hard,” tech giants such as Google and Facebook frequently take home the prize of being the best places to work, even when its unique culture of providing and are often satirized or bemoaned in popular culture. Some may think it’s laughable like in HBO’s Sili

Pheno Hunting Cannabis: How Growers Pick their Strains

Growing consistent, premium quality cannabis is challenging and requires a process called pheno hunting. The most successful growers practice this method to find desired traits and maximize the potential of a strain. Here's how pheno hunting increases the value of a cannabis grower's harvest and the different traits that are most desirable. How Do Growers Decide Which Strains to Pick? Selective breeding is a methodology used across the cultivation industry dating back to ancient civilizations

Rising Healthcare Spending Is Taking Its Toll on Consumers

Healthcare in the United States has been a controversial and difficult subject in politics, industry, and homes. While the quality is some of the best in the world, the affordability is lackluster. Many variable prices continue to rise and become burdensome consequences to American consumers, affecting individuals and families across all income levels, hitting their finances, health, and quality of life. This produces consequences for individuals, healthcare providers, and the economy, as a fru