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Specializing in website copy writing, blog posts, news articles, press releases, case studies, and more! Lean on my decade of experience working with content-focused clients in industries such as cannabis, education, healthcare, HR, marketing, project management, and countless others.

10 Ways to Ease the Hiring Process for Your Company

Regardless of how good you think your current hiring process is, chances are if you asked for feedback on the experience from newly hired employees, you'd see there are several ways it could improve. Hiring the right people is what allows your business to thrive. However, you must first learn the proper technique for effective talent management. Is your company growing the right way? Do you have a streamlined process for hiring that's comfortable for all involved? Here are 10 ways to ease the h

Why Your SEO Will Fall Flat without Attention to UX and Conversion

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies should be constantly evolving. To run with an effective SEO strategy, you need to remain updated on what’s happening in the industry and think of ways that your brand can adapt. Your strategy should shift based on the ways that search engines like Google evaluate the websites that they serve in search results. You need to be on the front page of those results for your most coveted keyword phrases, and ideally in the top three spots for best visibility

Top 5 Roles of an Effective Project Manager

From coordinating group projects and presentations to ensuring your children to finish their homework, Project Management is everywhere. Whether your background is in information technology, marketing, or science, one thing you’ve done is a plan, execute, and deliver on a project. In thinking through timelines, managing expectations of others, and tracking progress, we’ve all acted as a project manager. In this article, let us focus on how to become an effective project manager and also understa

How the Cannabis Industry is Being Affected by the Coronavirus

Many businesses, large and small, are being impacted by the fear and panic shopping associated with the coronavirus, COVID-19. While the concern is real, and we need to do what we can to reduce the virus from spreading, what about the cannabis industry? How are these businesses holding up? The cannabis industry is starting to feel a blow to businesses as a result of the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent closings and quarantining. Part of this might be due to owners and buyers not wanting t

Commercial Audio Systems for Retail

If you own a retail store, whether large or small, you’re always striving to differentiate your business from competitors. One of the ways you can do this is through a commercial audio system and playlist for your store that not only entertains and retains customers, but can improve employee morale and retention, and act as an extension to your brand. A poorly installed system can often do more harm than good and increase cost, so it’s imperative to consider the key values and benefits of a professional commercial audio system for your retail store.

Back-to-School Safety Measures: What You Need to Know

For educators and administrators of a K-12 school (kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school), the first week of school is often a wild ride filled with stresses and challenges. While you can’t be prepared for everything, you’re still legally responsible for implementing robust school safety measures. Today’s news headlines are focused on active shooter threats, and there are also other situations that could put the lives of students and staff in jeopardy. The experts at The North Gro

Why Company Culture is a Competitive Advantage

Company culture has almost become synonymous with perks such as free food or beer on tap thanks to the rise of hip startups and co-working spaces run by a generation of eager disruptors and innovators. Under mantras such as “work hard, play hard,” tech giants such as Google and Facebook frequently take home the prize of being the best places to work, even when its unique culture of providing and are often satirized or bemoaned in popular culture. Some may think it’s laughable like in HBO’s Sili